Who can place an Ad

Our classifieds service is Free for local, private and corporate users. All ads must be placed from a valid local email address. We welcome retailers, merchandisers, dealers, agents, marketers or brokers in our Classifieds.


Ad Screening

It may take up to 6 hours (less then 1 hour M-F during business hours) for ads to appear on site as new and modified ads are screened by a classifieds moderator before being posted on the site. We review ads 365 days a year including weekends and holidays.

Ads identified as unacceptable or in the wrong category will be deleted before appearing on site and a notice may be emailed to you. If you see an ad that violates our policies, please assist us by clicking the REPORT AD button associated with the ad.

BiGGaBOO reserves the right to refuse any item without cause or notice and to terminate your account.

Email Classifieds Support

All email sent to info@biggaboo.com will be responded to by one of our classifieds moderators within 24 hours. We respond to classifieds email 365 days a year including weekends and holidays.